Natural Science Museum!

At least I think that is where we went!?!!? I know it was free on Saturdays! I will have to ask my sister in law. At any rate they invited us to go one Saturday before Thanksgiving! It's free so sure! WE HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN! These were the Jelly Fish that were in the Oceany section. This was them with out the flash! They were so pretty and glowie!
The kids being jelly fish!
There were so many cool fish to look at! This one kept circling to look at the kids I swear!
Darby loved this fish and I let her take the camera! She did ok!
This fish followed us from when we were upstairs to when we went down stairs. He was circling too.
B explaining a few things to Max.
Paused to snuggle and rest our feet!
This was the upstairs portion. It was really cool. It was showing how the tides work and the water would go up and down and the fish went along with it. Juliet loved it. The tiger shark scared/surprised her a couple of times!
Submarine eyes to look under water.
Watching the tiger shark!
They had different centers for the kids to work at. I think they made book marks in this one.
This was all about animals and reptiles. They did a little puppet show with some of the animals.
This little table was called "everyone poops". Ew. You had to take the poop specimen and match it with the animal card. It was totally gross but really interesting. We got a lot of them wrong. I don't know how I would feel if we got them all right.
Juliet was here for a while. She loved taking the blocks out then putting them back in and over and over.
One of the workers was explaining to Max about this legless lizard. I thought it was a joke and it was just really a snake but it REALLY was a legless lizard. Pretty cool!
The bug section. One of Darby's favorite. She has loved bugs since she was little. I had to take a shot of these because they were ACTUAL SIZE! No thank you!
Going into the city section.
Huge tubes that you talk into and the other person can hear you on the other side! Juliet loved YELLING into them.
And everyone encouraged it!
Try dragging her away from that!
A huge dome that you sit in and then on the other side of the room there is another one that someone else sits in and you can hear them talking clear as day! Very cool.
We had tons of fun here! I would highly recommend it to anyone on a Saturday. A little busy because it's free. They did have the mummy exhibit upstairs but it was not free. ($20.00/person) You could kill a few hours here though! Parking 8$.

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