More Thanksgiving!

Dash with Maggie...again. Poor Maggie had a little shadow. It looks like she doesn't care here!Rye and my dad had to work that night but they got to stop by for dinner! I love my little bro.
Juliet was a little timid when it came to Maggie.
Dash and Uncle Spike!
Dash acting the fool with Uncle Spike! Yes he is in his undies because he was in the snow and his pants were soaked!
Aunt Andi, Dash and Maggie!
We were trying to get Aunt Andi to pose with Maggie and it was looking like one of those picture places that you go to get your photo with a pet. I want it to be her Christmas card. Even though she has a family and it is not her dog. There were better shots with Mal's camera.!
A shot with all the ladies. (Where was granny?) and Darby.

I think I blogged this photo earlier but I had to do it again. This was one of the Bingo prizes. I won it and Joel stole it from me! I am sure it will show up in another Bingo match! I will win you back my pretty! This was my aunts coat once upon a time! She wore it in the 80's! LOVE it!
Uncle Ray and Aunt Lisa! I don't get to see them very often so it was nice that they were able to come down!

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Alison said...

Ahh, Thanksgiving Bingo. I'm still waiting to be invited again. I want my salt and pepper shakers back.