I only have this month to catch up on the blog from Halloween up to the end of the year! I will do it! It is just to hard to finish it all by the end of December but this year I will keep up on it!

2010 had tons to offer the Jeffords!

We made our move permanent from Texas to L.A.! I am sad and happy about that.

Brandon changed companies after almost 8 years. Scary and amazing at the same time.

Suzy went from subbing classes to being on the schedule with 4 or more regular classes for 24 HR fitness.

Dash started kindergarten!

Juliet started walking! (It literally took her almost 20 months....no reason she is just stubborn)

We went to Utah I think 4 times! Nana and Papa and Uncle Ryeley visited us 2x!

We moved 3x!

We made some of the best friends ever and continued relationships with best friends that have been there for us!

The kids started a new school. WAY better than the one we had. A little snooty but the kids are doing well!

2010 brought with it a ton of blessings for us and a few opportunities to grow through trials. I am so grateful for all we have been blessed with! Here's to 2011.........

Juliet will be potty trained!
I will get off the sauce (diet coke)
Lose the baby weight...for good!
Brandon's career taking off!!!
More visits to Utah!
Max will be baptized!
Darby's big play production!
Max will start cub scouts! (maybe Dash if we find someone)
Hopefully Darby will start piano again!
We will get out of debt!
Body pump Certified!
Continue forgiving and forgetting and moving forward!
Love with all our hearts!
Dating Brandon every week!
Hopefully getting my adenoids out so no more ear infections for me.
Juliet gets tubes!
2011 the possibilities are endless.........

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The Peterson's said...

Good things happened and a ton of good things ahead! Good Luck with the new year!