WIlbur Halloween Parade

At Wilbur Elementary they have a Halloween Parade of all the grades. Tons of fun! This cute little Jack in the Box costume isn't any of my children. I just thought it was really cute and creative so I snapped a quick shot of it so we could copy later!
That is Max. He is "King Boo" from Mario Bros. I had to learn! B made his costume and it was a HUGE HIT! It was amazing. An umbrella on a bike helmet with a sheet and some sewing and painting! Very cool to have a daddy as an artist! (More pics of King Boo to come)
Dash's kindergarten class.
Dash is "baby Bowser" also from Mario.
Again, great to have a daddy as an artist. I did some of the sewing.... I get credit for that right?

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Thanks for stopping by today Suzy J! Being a stay at home momma is tough work! Keep it up - it's worth every second.