Turkey bums!

We started a tradition last year to do these cute turkeys on our wall and on their feathers write down what we are thankful for. We also give anyone who comes to our house a feather to put on the wall with our turkeys. By the end of the season our wall is covered in feathers of gratitude. I love it to see what everyone puts. Some are funny and some are inspiring.

Last year I made the turkeys and not the boy who is an artist. My turkeys ended up looking like Turkey Bums so that is what this tradition is called. Brandon cut out the turkeys this year. perfect. free hand. no drawing or tracing. show off.
Darby's turkey. I love the google eyes! Ms. Greene is her teacher.
Max. He had My home and the word ingredients....because with out ingredients the food would be gross.
Juliet. She is thankfule for BUKEE (her word for McDOnalds....don't ask) Markers (she colors on EVERYTHING) Cali (our cat who is not so thankful for her) her MUNGY (her word for her blanket) Her Bah bah (Yes she is 2 and still has a night time bottle.....don't judge me she is my baby!) and of course her UNCLE RYELEY and PAPA and her family.....in that order~
Brandon's fancy turkey!
Dash's fancy turkey! Ms. Bell is his teacher (I am pretty thankful for her too!)
My turkey!

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The Peterson's said...

That was really fun to come and put feathers on your turkey bums! It is very cute!