Nickelodeon Halloween!

Nick holds a Halloween party for the family of the employees! It was TONS of fun! Some of B's co-workers were super generous and gave us extra tickets so that Uncle Ryeley and his kids could come with us! How many kids get to say that they Trick or Treated at Nickelodeon?

Each department (cartoon) would do up their department in a "haunted" fashion! I think they were all judged too. We first went into "Fairly Odd Parents".
Uncle Ryeley being REALLY scared. (They had to tone it down this year. I guess last year was too scary for some of the kids.)
This was B's dept. "Kung Fu Panda"! This is going to be one of the new Villains. If I was a better wife I would know what his name is. I got nuthin!
These were the peeps that B designed. He is a rock star at our house that colors and works on cartoons that are cooler than anything. I am just the mom.
A new cartoon coming to Nick. Again if I were cooler I would know the name. For now I call it Big Robot. (catchy don't you think?)
It really is a big robot!
Who doesn't love Fan Boy and Chum Chum? Oh yea, me. They are gross and have tons of potty humor and that is why the kids love it!
AVATAR! (not my fav. but the people who love it, LOVE IT like no other!) Curtis got his picture taken (not on my camera) with the creator of Avatar. Other Avatar geeks were freaking out over this. I will say their department was pretty cool and very black light glowie!
Ghosts of Nickelodeon past! (I hope Fan Boy and Chum Chum are there next year..... so sad, I shouldn't say that.....someones rock star dad works on that cartoon too.)
This is the costume contest winner at Nickelodeon. Not a contest I would ever win. I tell you what some of the costumes there were "off the hook"! Cartoon people REALLY know how to dress up! The kids were actually a little scared to take a picture with her...him...her...who knows!? The one shot of Darby and Curt and Grace! Max had to take his costume off to see everything!
FINALLY! Spongebob Department! (they won btw) Patrick....
Spongebob as Michael Jackson
Then it got scary..... Mr. Crab (Sp?) from the dead!
rest in pieces Spongebob....
Uncle Ryeley and B.
Uncle Rye and me! Such a pretty shot.

The kids in the court yard doing one of the BILLION activities they had for us. Cookies, picture frames, pumpkins, food, food, food, booths everywhere! It was too much fun! (Note Darby's snake eyes! When she closed her eyes she had snake eyes..... my idea.... I may not draw but I can think of some mean snake eyes for daddy to paint on you!)
The kids had tons of fun and we could have stayed there the whole night but they were SOOOOOOOOO worried about getting to the church on time for the Thriller performance that we actually left early! It was killing me. Free food (booths of cotton candy, candy apples, ice cream sundaes, elephant ears, soda, candy, cookies, sliders, on and on and on), free fun at NICKELODEON and they want to go to the church ! I guess it could be worse!
Apparently not for Uncle Ryeley.....

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