Piggy Banks and Chore Charts

We made banks for Family Home Evening this week. This was brought on because the Christmas day after all was said and done my kids starting making their next years Christmas list. At first I was horrified and thought they were spoiled little poops. I later realized that Christmas and Birthdays is what they are always being told to wait for . "Mom, can I get this?" "Maybe for your birthday." Of course they had to make a list. We decided that we would them implement allowance so that they could save for things they wanted and not wait for the 2 times a year to ask. I have always been against paying kids for their chores. We are part of a family and you do the work to make the house run or it doesn't run. I don't get paid to do this so you don't either. SO allowance is just allowance. Can you lose your allowance? DANG STRAIGHT YOU CAN! If you don't want to eat dinner cause it's gross, you are welcome to make a sandwich. That will be $1. If you a draining my energy by whining and now I can't make dinner and had to order pizza that will be $2. (insert evil laugh here)
The kids are very excited. They get 50 cents for every year that they are. Darby $5/week, Max 4$/ week and Dash $2.50. 10% goes to tithing, 10% mission fund and the rest goes to spending/save for what you want. They loved the idea and loved making the banks. It is fun that they are old enough to understand these concepts now. They are super excited for "pay day"!
Darby's bank. Each of the kids loved their banks. The decorations are cute but the blue tape is pretty ghetto. They will work for their purpose and we may make swankier ones when they are older. Oh wait that's called a checking and savings account! :)
Dash's bank. Someone LOVED the sticker idea!
Max's bank. The banks are made out of Sobe water bottles. (they are wide mouthed) The lids have a little letter sticker on each of them. M for mission fund (for the boys) S for spending/savings and T for tithing.
Brandon printed out chore charts with pictures (way better than mine, of course) and the kids (especially Dash) loved them. They love marking things off. (they get that from me) Dash loved his so much he wanted to sleep with it. I love that there is no questioning who set the table yesterday or who unloaded the dishwasher and that's not fair. LOOK AT THE CHARTS PEOPLE! I know some people don't like charts because kids are smart enough to know what to do. My kids are smart enough too. Mommy isn't smart enough to remember who did what yesterday and I am tired of the fighting. SO now we have chore charts. I love them. All I have to say is Look at the Chart. Look at the chart. Those are 4 beautiful words!


The Peterson's said...

I like it! I think teaching them to save is great!

Sara said...

I found this post while looking for diy tithing bank ideas. I think your banks are brilliant! I think I will get some fun colored duct tape to tape them together.