so long, farewell, I hate to say good bye! diet coke....

I flat out stole this picture off Hannah's blog....Thank you Hannah and I'm sorry!(her blog is AMAZING and inspiring)
This picture I stole..... I love it! Replace Natalie with Suzy! It is how I feel! This will be one of the hardest things I have ever done! I have celebrated with Diet Coke, I have mourned with it, I have created friendships with it. I have received it as gifts. My kids know to crack one open for me when I am stressed. I could buy a car with what I have spent on it over the years! (remember when the gas station in Tx had 25 cent refills for the summer.... oh sweet Lord what a great summer..... and the sweet beautiful Styrofoam cups at the Tetco!) I can tell you which gas station in more than one state has the best fountain diet coke. I know the bottle is better than the can but a can is great in pinch. I know the best thing ever is accidentally freezing a can a little bit! Holy crap it's a little slushy for the first few sips. Died and gone to heaven.... Try and take my sweet Diet Coke t-shirt and I will cut you! (thanks Tiff)
I'm afraid it is all or nothing. If it were a one a day thing I think I could be ok. It is not. I am a "wake and bake" kind a girl. First thing I go for when I wake up and what I wash my mouth out with after I brush my teeth for bed! I have a song dedicated to it! (Bubbly) I have posted on my blog more than once. I have tried more than once to give it up! I really love it! It even feels like I am losing a friend. (pathetic I know)

I will have to take different routes home (like an alcoholic staying away from his favorite bar) I will have to sever friendships with the 7-11 guy. I may not be able to take road trips for a while. I posted on face book that I will need prayers, ward fasts, and possibly a sacrificial lamb. It will be hard but I WILL do it! THIS IS THE YEAR I GET OFF THE SAUCE!
What do I gain from giving up something that gives me soooo much joy!? Let me wipe away the tears and tell you (and remind myself over and over).
1. I will be able to confidently practice what I preach at the gym.
2. I know what they put in D.C. and I know it is killing me and since I think I have every cancer known to man I will be able to confidently say that I DO NOT have cancer of the Diet Coke. (Oh but if you have to have a cancer that one would be less of a shocker I would think!)
3. I will be a great example to my kids of doing something really hard. (If they live through this process)
4. I will save enough money to buy me a new car, take my family on a cruise, and visit every state in this country!
5. I will feel better and stronger and faster and will be able to breath when I teach.
6. I will grow closer to God. (Help me please Lord every day and night)
7. I will lose weight.
8. I will do more puzzles. (my dad did that when he quit smoking to keep his hands busy.... I hate puzzles and just imagined myself heaving a card table and cracking a diet coke..... maybe no puzzles.)
9. If I can do this I KNOW I will be able to do anything!

thanks again Hannah for this picture..... I wasn't going to post about Diet Coke because I thought I would quietly do it on fb and then forget about it. ..... now I found this cute picture and here it is for my blog world and my posterity to see...... may my grand kids ask when they read our books..."Did she do it?" YES SHE DID! will be the chant ..... now I HAVE to do it!


kat b. said...

haha! that is totally funny. i love it so hard. good one!

Brandon said...

You are hilarious! I wish you the best. If anyone comes close to knowing how brave you are in this endeavor (besides d-coke addicts) it's me. Good luck. My prayers are with you.

Alison said...

You can do it. Get a jar. A BIG jar. Every time you would have had a d.c., put a dollar in the jar. Seriously. You will be amazed. Don't say, "Yeah, that would be great." Just do it. You can do this.

Dane and Natalie said...

I am right there with ya! I love Allison's idea of the dollar jar. That way you can actually see your progress... Kind of like a food journal only you can buy a shirt with it at the end of the week and every time you put the shirt on you will feel so awesome!!!! Love you so much.