Christmas Morning is finally here!

I had to get this shot because this is Brandon in the snuggy that Darby gave him. You can see it isn't a normal cheap snuggy! It is super sweet. It also un snaps so you can use it as a cozy blanket! Juliet saw the kitty Santa brought her!
Dash gets Legos! A huge thing at our house!
Max gets the Lego set he asked for and is clearly pleased!
The kids are helping Juliet discover her gifts. She looks like she got SO much because her stuff was so big but she really did only get 3 things from Santa!
Another one of Dash's gifts from Santa! I didn't know Santa went to Game Stop! I love that!
Brandon opened his gift from me. Crazy. He had no idea that I got him the same thing as he got Juliet!
ha ha ha! It was really an i pod touch! He had no idea! Very cool! (I was able to get it a very sneaky way that didn't brake the bank!) I love that!
Juliet snuggling her new Kitty!
When all the gifts were opened and we had settled down to enjoy our morning we noticed another gift tucked under the end table. That is weird. Santa only brings us 3 gifts. What is this!? There was a note on top that said "To the Jeffords From Santa. Thank you for being extra good this year!" What could it be!? Dash begins to realize what it is! Max still hasn't figured it out!
He and Darby both get it here! I wish I had it on video. One of the funnest moments ever!
Santa brought us a Wii and 4 games. WOW! I have said "no" to a Wii for a few years now. Mostly because the games are too much money! This year Santa surprised us all after it was all said and done. Santa almost brought 2 Wii's because no one was communicating! Good thing he figured it out! Thank you Santa! We love you!
A new game for a new Wii! Now maybe someone will get him a shirt!
Time to play!
Brandon gave me this SWEET new chair! It's a papasan and I have wanted one forever! I was totally surprised!
Santa brought Darby a hamster. His name is Calvin and we all love him!
She also got a Webkin mini hamster! She loved it!
Max put his Legos together all by himself. No help from daddy. (Daddy a little sad about that) Yes, that is bowling on the television for the Wii. Yes, I played it so much my shoulder hurt for 2 days.
We had an amazing Christmas this year. I felt very loved and very blessed. I went in to take a nap and cried because it was all over. I love this season and hate it every year when it ends. This year I over scheduled myself (even though I said I wouldn't) and lost some of the things that make Christmas special to me. I vow I won't do that again! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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treesandink said...

I used to have a papasan chair and I LOVED it! I can't believe how much your family has grown since I last saw you all. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!