Christmas program at Church

I wanted to take pictures before we left for church but alas we were running late so B said no. He said after church. Any mom knows that after church they will be sticky, untucked, hair undone and probably shoes off. SO before church even started, we had choir practice. (The only time I am in the choir is Christmas) By the time we were done they were all the things above. Church hadn't even started yet. While we were practicing Darby got these few shots. Here is Juliet in the beautiful dress our Secret Santa gave her. Dash! He was wearing the sweater from our Secret Santa too. He looked adorable!
More of Juliet!
She loved how fluffy her dress was!
I think this is my favorite dress ever. She looked and felt beautiful. (Brandon rushed me so I couldn't get the bows in her hair either!) grrrrrr. Max was wearing a suit, for the first time because he had a solo in Sacrament. He stole the show if I do say so myself. With his cute little raspy voice and when he stretches his neck to reach the high notes. I was so nervous for him but he really did great and was so brave. He was very excited that he got picked for a solo. He worked really hard and it was amazing. My favorite part was when he sang "gold, frankincense, and Muir" (It's my maiden name and even though it was the wrong word I couldn't correct it and I will sing that song that way forever!) :)

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