Christmas Eve.....

We had a great day on Christmas Eve. We spent time together as a family then went out for some secret service and deliveries that night! (We were caught on all accounts either because there were a gaggle of kids running or our creative gift gave us away!) We went to dinner and tracked Santa's arrival! On Christmas Eve we open the gifts from each other. We draw names and everyone is so excited to give their gift to the person they drew! This year Max had Darby and he gave her a Ripley's book and a blanket she wanted really bad! Darby had B and he received a super fancy Snuggy thing. It turns into a blanket and it's quilted. He has secretly wished for a snuggy because he is always cold so it was a perfect gift for him. Juliet gave Dash the game Connect Four and that was tons of fun for all of us to play. Dash gave me slippers that are perfect and I love love love them (wearing them now)! Daddy gave Juliet a toy hamster in a ball. It runs on batteries and she loved chasing it and taking it out of the ball. And I gave Max a toy that he wanted super bad! It's a ball maze thing that he and B are obsessed with. It is another one of my favorite traditions. It is really fun to see everyone get excited to get someone in our little family the perfect gift. They are more excited for the other person to open up their gifts then they are their own! Santa came and left the gifts for the kids! They were super lucky this year. Guess it pays to be good! :)
Nana makes us all pajamas almost every year. (When she doesn't get to make them she buys them but we love the ones she makes!) She picks out the perfect fabric for the bottoms every year! She even makes them for me and B! We open them on Christmas eve too! We left our cookies out and carrots for the reindeer! When we were doing that we heard Santa's sleigh bells and him laughing HO HO HO! Everyone scattered and ran to their beds! (The first year we heard that Darby yelled out "NO STORY, NO SONG, NO NIGHT TIME ROUTINE! RUN RUN RUN!......I'll never forget that one!)

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