Juliet's birthday party

We had a little party for Juliet on her birthday. She and Journey just realized that Juliet's older siblings gave her a bag of fizzy skittles for her birthday! YUMMY!
Uncle Jamie and Baby Jeremy

Austin and Miss Anna! Juliet loves Austin and Aaron! (and Miss Anna)
Uncle Jamie and Dash being to cool for school!
Now they are tuff!
and spazzy.
Still in the clothes that I taught a class in that morning! Nice....can't a mom get a shower? (Journey was trying to get me to take my feet out of the chair so she could sit down)
Nana gave Juliet a cart for her birthday! It was the source of much contention once it was opened up!
Looking at the sweet loot she got for her special day! (Aaron in the background)
Uncle Jamie and his fam gave Juliet a fun new Dr. Suesse dvd!
Opening the amazing cart! (Seriously anyone that visits wants to play with it. Who knew a cart could be so cool?)
all by myself!
she had no idea what to do! It was really cute. We had a spaghetti dinner before....hence the red face.
The day before we took her to Build a Bear. She was really excited! When we did Nana's bear for Christmas she REALLY wanted one. This one has a voice thing in the hand that says all girlie things. She got the shades for the bear and loves to share them. She also got a brush as it is her favorite part of building the bear. She named her bear Buckey!

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