Confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

ahhhhh confessions!

1. I would rather deliver a baby, with no epidural than give up diet coke. I am not being dramatic either. I really would. (I also haven't had a diet coke for 2 1/2 weeks!)
2. I never want to have a baby with out an epidural again!
3. I let the water run when I brush my teeth. I really don't want to but I just can't stop. For what ever reason it soothes me. I also let it run to much when I do dishes too. Sorry earth friends.
4. I will let the trash stack up forever before I take it out! I hate taking out the trash. I will take it out of the can and put it on the porch but don't expect me to put it in the can outside!
5. I want to be the girl that loves to go to the beach and hang out and take my kids there and be all beachy.
6. I hate the beach. You pack your life up, you sunscreen the world, you drag it all down to the beach, you are terrified the tide will take your children or they will be abducted, THEN your kids play for 10 minutes and cry to go home cause they have sand on their balls! (sorry but that is what I had to hear for 40 minutes so you had to hear it too!) LOAD everything back up! Sand in the car, sand in the tub, sand in the bed (because they had to strip down on the bed before the tub!). I hate the beach.
7. I let the boys pee outside the van in the parking lot. It is inevitable that they have to go after a shopping trip. They can't tell you inside the store. Easier to pee by the van then load up everyone and the groceries and go back in. I know it is trashy and one day I will get a ticket.
8. clowns are disgusting.
9. I haven't seen an unedited rated R movie in over 10 years. (not bragging, just confessing.)
10. I will squeal out loud when an action movie is PG13.


Bickmommy said...

Great confessions, Suz! I have never had a epidural for any of my 5 babies, but I don't get painful contractions. I just hate the pushing part. I don't let the water run while brushing my teeth, but I totally let it run too much when washing the dishes. We have no dishwasher and I am one of those people that just put the soap on the scrubber sponge. I don't fill up the sink with water. It takes too long and the water gets nasty gross. I love your beach story!! I don't live near the beach, but I would probably be the same way. I don't have a disgust for clowns, but I have a disgust for puppets.

Paul & Marlee said...

I seriously love this. One of your best yet :)