Ward Christmas Party

This year I went over the night before to help decorate for the party. This was the final product. I will say it was a very nice place for Santa to come BUT last year they had probably 5x the decorations. I will give them credit for going all out because after a couple hours I WAS DONE! It was still beautiful! people signed up to do centerpieces for the table. They were all so different and made the room look so festive! The one in the front here is one of mine. The santa's are old fashioned and my granny made them for me. Fake snow and Hershey kisses and the kiddos loved this table.
Me and Max Skinner. I took this picture solely to start rumors! :) He is married to one of my darling friends Mary and he is also one of Brandon's counselors in the Young Men. (and a great sport!)

Me and Miss Anna! (I really had cute curly hair but it rained all day and by the time I got to the party it was all flat and sad) :( I do adore Anna and she looked stunning!
Darby and Brandon performed! It was amazing. The only yucky part....my other 3 walking back and forth in FRONT OF THEM! Angry feelings!
Santa came for a visit. Max LOVED this because he had changed his mind on one of the three things he had asked for!
Dash just wanted the goodie bag!
Juliet had no idea and was just going along with everyone else..... I think for the goodie bag!
We had a great time at the party. The food is always AMAZING! The friends and family is great. It's a great time for all and a great way to feel the Christmas spirit!

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