A special treat

Over this holiday break our nieces Domenique and Ireland got to spend a little time with us. I love when they come over. They are amazing little babysitters (12 and 14) and they love to play with the kids. I love that they love to do goofy fun things with the kids still. They are not to cool to play store or house or tag or hide a seek. They are also really sweet. They asked me when our anniversary was. I told them it was last year. (hee hee just last week) They wanted to do something nice for us. SO they locked me out of the back yard all day. They knew Uncle B had Young Men that night and we had other things going on but they were determined. (so were all the other kids) They told me to dress up and not to eat dinner. They told my girlfriend Anna that they were planning a candle light dinner for us when everyone got home. (B wouldn't be home til after 9 and Dominique wouldn't either because she had volleyball) Anna encouraged them to tweak the menu a bit because of the time and the temperature (under 40 degrees) SO it came time and they opened the door....... flower petals leading us to our table........They had blankets for us and it was really beautiful. THere was music and they put on aprons to come out and take our orders. They made centerpieces and decorations. This is only one of them but they were all really pretty!
We were freezing and had to take some FREEZING OUR FACES off pictures!
So cold!
There were signs for us on the table. See above it says Groom Brandon and mine below says Bride Suzy. So cute! They also had a menu that I loved. Hot coco and Caramel topped ice cream. We opted only for the hot coco. They did bring us ice water and our hot coco had whip cream and 1 HUGE marshmellow! It was sooooo sweet and it just made me love them so much more! Thank you Domenique, Ireland, and Darby!

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