Our ward does a great Halloween party with a Trunk or Treat! There is a chili cook off that Katie Cannon always wins. (she deserves it with her delicious white bean chicken chili) and tons of goodies, a parade of costumes, costume contest and Trunk or Treat. This is Juliet holding hands with Tommy Cannon. He was showing her the ropes at trunk or treat. She is supposed to be a "50's" girl to go with Brandon's greaser, but she was with my mom all afternoon and when it was time to pick her up she wouldn't get out of her ELmo jammies so we put the skirt over it and called it a day! Here is a better picture of Max as King Boo.
Max and Dash....a.k.a. Baby Bowser and King Boo. My favorite thing on Max was the red glove that was King Boo's tongue. Apparently King Boo sticks his tongue out all the time. It was really cute! The kids all did a dance to "Thriller" with the young women. It was tons of fun and I was glad that Curtis and Grace got to be a part of it all too. Ask me if I got a picture of them or Darby..... Bad mom/aunt!

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