Confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

Christmas confessions.......

1. I don't think I ever had a disappointing Christmas growing up. We were pretty blessed. I know my parents worked hard so we didn't want for things. (It wasn't like I had everything I ever asked for but for a girl who grew up in a trailer I had all I needed!)
2. My favorite Christmas gift was the Kitchen Aide Brandon gave me a few years ago. It should be the family portrait he drew (it is a close second but I love that blasted kitchen aide! I use it almost every day!) One day my favorite will be a bigger diamond!
3. I want a bigger diamond.
4. One year I got B a guitar for Christmas and wrapped it early. It wasn't hard to guess when the box was shaped like a guitar! (I tried to build a box around it so it wasn't obvious....lame!)
5. I usually get sick after Christmas and B has to take Christmas down all by himself. We have been married almost 14 years and I think I have only helped with one! (I think that almost makes it a tradition right?)
6. When Christmas is over IT IS OVER! I can't wait to get all the Christmas down (or for B to do it)! The house all of a sudden feel cluttered and there is to much stuff in it! GET IT DOWN! Then it feels naked and clutter free!
7. I want my Christmas to be Christ centered. It is hard.
8. I like staying home for Christmas. I miss my family but it is too hard to pack ALL of Christmas and then bounce from house to house. Y'all are welcome to come to my house!
9. I DON'T like lingerie for Christmas. That is NOT a gift for me! Our first year we were married I thought it would be cute to get Brandon "Christmas pajamas" but instead of jammies for him I got some "JAMMIES" for him! (a nightie for me!) Tradition is that you open p.j.s on Christmas Eve! Who knew the missionaries would be there that night?
10. I pee my pants every night that we do the 12 days of Christmas (knock and runs) so now I have to be the get away driver. (Who doesn't toot and laugh and pee when they are running away?)

Merry Christmas!

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Bickmommy said...

We do p.j.s on Christmas Eve too!! I would have waited to open the Christmas Eve "jammies" until the missionaries went home. I love your confessions, as always!! :)