Happy Happy Birthday Juliet Dear!

Happy Birthday Juliet! We love this little stinker! She makes us laugh soooo hard almost on a daily basis! I can't believe that she is 2 today! Her middle name is Zuzu from the Christmas show "It's a Wonderful Life." Jimmy Stewart's little girl was named Zuzu and when he "comes back" from not being born he realizes it when he finds her rose petals in his pocket. He shouts out "Zuzu's petals! Zuzu's petals!" It makes me cry every year. It is also how I feel about Juliet. Sometimes when I get lost she brings me back! I am lucky to be her mom! Daddy Loves: "The way she greets me when I come home. The way she smiles with her whole face and shoulders when she's really happy and her refusal to perform on request!"
Mommy Loves: "How she is every persons favorite in our family! They all want to be around her. She is like the glue. She also says full sentences to shock you but then when you flip out over it she will say something like, baba or mungy!?!?!? I love that she has renamed her blanket, Mungy and McDOnalds is Buckey! We will forever call them that!"
Yes, sad/proud to say that is diet coke in her cup. (I will say that Nana gave it to her though...but I didn't stop it.)
Papa and Uncle Ryeley are 2 of her favorite people! Seriously, we are dead to her when they are around. She has had a special love for Uncle Ryeley since she was 6 weeks old.
Dash Loves: "I love that she plays and I love her with me. She loves me. She is my favorite baby sister!"
Darby Loves: "I love to play with her and she has a great personality and she old enough that I can have a conversation with her. I love that she is really into dancing and she dances around the house a lot and she sings too!"
Max Loves: "She's cute, she's adorable and she's playful!"
Callie the Cat loves: "that she can't reach me on the top bunk and I can still out run her...meow"

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Chubz said...

Happy Birthday Juliet! You are a beautiful little blondie that we wish we could see more often! Love you little lady!