Secret Santa!

Every year the Jeffords family does secret Santa for someone! (But we call ourselves something different....I will not tell because we don't want to give away our secrets!) It is one of our favorite traditions that has brought us sooooo much joy! Every year has brought amazing and unique experiences. (One year someone started leaving us gifts every night when we would do our drop offs! My kids/me loved that!) :) This year the budget didn't seem to be able to squeeze out the 12 days. We decided instead to do something small with our "knock and runs" because it brings us such joy and is such a fun/special memory. I don't say this to toot our sneaky horns.... The last 2 nights we have been on the receiving end of the "Secret Santa". The most generous Santa I have ever come across. Last night was so much fun and humbling. THEN AGAIN tonight. I had no idea the receiving end felt like this! There are so many emotions. I feel eternally grateful that someone would take the time and money and energy to bless my little family. I feel overly blessed. I feel selfish for loving it so much and feel like there are so many other people who are more worthy. I feel sooooo loved. Who ever you are....if you read my blog.... We love you! And "Thank You" can't express the way I feel. Our lives are forever changed by you! May you have the best Christmas ever and may your family feel and be as blessed as you have made ours!

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