I love this guy!

So, yea.... I love him! He makes me crazy with his forgetfulness, and lack of organization and he CAN'T multi task to save his life BUT he is fun to look at and is a super kisser! He also loves me unconditionally, will check the house for ghosts in the middle of the night, get me a drink of water, put the kids to bed, bring me flowers, not get too mad when I go out of the budget, serves God with all his heart, puts his family first, embraces my crazy, can admit when he is wrong, provides for us, makes me laugh harder than anyone I have ever met, doesn't like to watch sports, AND he's a super kisser! I love him!


Kimberly said...

We love him too! Miss you guys xox

cheri said...

We also think he's great and are so glad he found someone that can embrace HIS crazy!