Things I love about Juliet!

I just don't want to forget the amazing little things I love about her while she is this age! So I will jot them down for later!

I love that when she wakes up from her nap she come out with a purse or a shopping cart or anything she chooses like she wasn't napping at all. She was playing for 2 hours quietly. 2 days ago she came out in a nightgown and a beach hat (she went to bed in shorts and a shirt)!
I love that she repeats everything I say. I love that she slumps her shoulders and bows her and says "oh man" for no reason. I would love to get in her little head and see why. I love that she is crazy dramatic! I love that she LOVES my brother and my dad and her daddy! I love that she still loves to snuggle me. I love when she fake snores. I love the smell of her hair after a bath. I love that she LOVES pizza! I love that anytime the doorbell rings she runs to the door saying "I get it! I get it!" I don't love that she can open the door on her own though. 3 days ago, I was on the potty and I heard the dead bolt open and then the door and she was yelling on the front porch "mommy! mommy! whe aa you?" OK after I pulled up my pants I loved that too. I love that she still calls McDonalds Bucky and she asks for a Happy Meal even though she has no idea what it is. I love that she wants to wear panties but has no idea why. I love that she asks for her backpack/diaper bag in the car because she has figured out that I put snacks in the front pocket. I love when she runs to get in the car so she can try to get in the back with the big kids because maybe this will be the day I won't make her get in her car seat. I love that she will play with her doll house for a solid 45 mins. I love that she loves to sing, but she doesn't really sing, she just wants you to sing and her to do the actions. So when she does sing it's a rare treat. I love that she HATES to be cold. Not even a luke warm tub for her, it has to be WARM! I love that she loves "pretties" (jewelry) and you can find her often in my jewelry drawer putting on rings and bracelets! I love that she freaks out when you get her new clothes or pajamas like you just gave her the best toy ever. You have to be careful not to show her you have them in the cart or she will strip down and want to put them on right away! I love that she can make anyone feel special.

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Sharlynn said...

I love her too and I don't think I have even met her. Now that is sad. I sure love the way you describe things. It is like I am sitting there and you are telling me. I sure miss our good old fun days in Texas together. Why does life have to bring so many changes?