Our Valentines dinner

We decided to have a nice dinner at home with the kids for our LOVE day! The kids loved it because we got to use our fancy glasses with sparkling cider and candles. (We also used real plates instead of paper.....notice my plates are literally from the late 70's early 80's....one day I will have all white plates with a rainbow of accent plates.....until then these hold our food just fine!) We had salad, rolls, garlic potatoes and STEAK! I love steak! I especially love it when it is supposed to be $40 and it is on sale for $12. That is when I wish I had $100 and a deep freeze! It is one of Max's favorite foods too! Delicious! Our yummy dessert! I love my new heart baking dish! Anna and Mary gave it to me for Christmas with the cutest apron ever!
Ice cream brownie sundaes! Another of mine and Max's favorites! We all love them! These cute bowls were used at our R.S. Valentines dinner and my friend Amy gave me 8 of them! I was soooooo excited to use them! My kids loved it! It was a great time and I think we may continue to celebrate our Valentines this way! Lots of love was shared!

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