Our Cub Scout

Max started cub scouts when he turned 8 this month. He was SUPER excited about it. I was a den leader when I was pregnant with Juliet and he saw the things we did in scouts when he would come with me. (I hated scouts then and never thought I would let any of my sons in the program because it made me throw up. 7 sweaty little boys in your first trimester will make you hate anything) He couldn't wait until it was his turn to put on the scout uniform. Wednesday night was his first Blue and Gold Banquet. He put on his new shirt (with no patches on it yet...bad scout mom) and grabbed his book and was ready to roll! He HATES jeans! His Den Mother said that for the first 2 years she was ok with jeans and not the scout pants (40$ scout pants) because when her boys were little they put a hole in the knees the first night they wore them. I love her. Max was happy to wear jeans and tuck in his shirt for this one time affair.
At the Banquet he was presented with his hat, his kerchief, his slider, and his BOBCAT patch. They pin the bobcat on upside down and you get to put it on right side up when you do an act of service. I was air brushing a client when Max got home and when I came out he showed me his bobcat was right side up. He quickly unloaded the dishwasher for me so that he could turn it the right way! I love this sweet boy!
As much as scouts made me crazy when I was serving in that capacity, now I love that he loves it! He is learning a ton, he is gaining confidence, making friends, and setting goals. I am not quick to jump in and be a den mother but I do love what it is doing for him! Besides who could resist this little man in uniform!?


Sharlynn said...

He looks so adorable in those pictures. He just is so happy and it is so dang cute.

I also have to tell you I opened my email this morning and saw that I had an email from you. (It was from the comment you put on my blog.) Right when I saw your name I instantly thought, "OH GOODY! I love it when Suzy comments on my blog." I couldn't wait to click on it and read it. Thanks for reading my blog and even more making comments from time to time. It puts such a big smile on my face and I LOVE IT! You are the best and I wish that we still lived by each other and could hang out. I have never had a hang out friend like you again and I think I kind of need that. I have friends don't get me wrong and I love my friends but I sure miss you and all the joy you brought to me.

Have a great day LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!

Just Jennifer said...

I remember when he was just a little guy in my class :( (Then I got to have Dash too! How lucky am I to get all the cutie patootie Jeffords boys?!) Good luck in Scouts, I've enjoyed seeing the things that the boys learn and how it makes them want to be better men!

Lisa M said...

WoW!! Max is getting so grown up!!! Thanks for the tip on that website!