sweet words from my hubby, my number one fan!

My number one Job is being a mom and a wife! I am blessed to be able to stay home full time and do that. I am also blessed that I get to teach group fitness for 24 hour fitness. It is the perfect side gig for a stay at home mom! I was recently asked by one of the clubs I teach at to represent the group x on a committee. I was really excited to be asked and to be able to help make it a better place to work. (it's so weird to call it work when I have so much fun doing it! I get paid to work out? I would be here every day anyway?! Is this for real?:)

After a meeting today I sent out an email to pass on the information. The email was well received and I was super excited because my boss had forwarded it to a higher boss and even a higher one after that. (we don't get a lot of peer praise as mommies.:) I called Brandon to share in my tiny accomplishment. (I look back now at what was said and it is really so very tiny I am a little embarrassed that I even called him.) He was super sweet and asked me to forward the email to him too. This is his response to me:

"I'm constantly floored at how amazing you are. I mean....geez...I know you're an amazing Mrs. Jeffords but this little window into your world is refreshing. You really do it all. Of course, she loves it! Duh. I love that I can go into a place like 24 and say that I'm your husband. It's one of my best titles.
You know the scripture that says, "where much is given, much is required"? It's going to be really hard to get into Heaven with you as a wife. The Lord's going to say, "You had THAT and this is all you've done. Tisk, tisk."
I truly love you.

I seriously love this man! In that little email he made me feel like I was changing the world and I was the best thing that ever happened to this company! He is so amazing to help me pursuit my dreams and help me keep balance in my life! He really is my number one fan!
(we'll see if he is still a fan after all my over sharing ....:)

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