Max's Birthday Party #2

After the Lego Race and Scavenger Hunt we set out to have some goodies! I wasn't sure that the Twinkie Lego Cakes would work out so we also got a cake for Max! Time for gifts! Thank you thank you thank you for all the fun gifts for Max!

This is his friend Joey from School. He gave Max a mini Mario Remote control cart!
Lila got Max an AIRHOG! He has wanted one of these for a while. He may or may not have a crush on cute little Lila! (because she is smart..... I love that boy!)
Matty gave Max a Target gift card. Matty is showing his sweet Lego car he made!
ANOTHER AIR HOG? Can life be any better! E.J. is trying to put on a happy face but he was sick. Poor kid ended up laying on my bed waiting for his mom. No fun!
Kaden and Gavin gave Max a Ninjago! Anyone who is anyone knows that Ninjagos ROCK!
Cameron Hunt and Max! Max loves to be goofy with Cameron. A gift card to Barnes and Noble from Cameron! A gift that mommy loves as much as Max!
Lizzy and Tommy! They go to church with us AND Lizzy goes to school with Max! They gave Max 2 Goosebump books and a reading light! LOVE IT!
Darby and Dash and Juliet gave Max a new Webkin! So much fun!
Jake, Johnny and Justin gave Max a super cool Helicopter and a new Wii game! (only Justin in the picture!)
Tyler Cowly! We go to church with him and he is one of Max's favorite people. Yes he is in the young men with Brandon BUT he loves kids and they love to play with him so he was a must invite for Max. He wrote Max the sweetest note and gave him a 20 dollar bill! Max was in Heaven! (Miss Tarynn is in the back. We had just finished joking about random people who pop up in your pictures.....)
Cousins! Journey and Baby Jeremy (Uncle Jamie, another must invite, and Aunt Marilynn) gave Max Star Wars Legos! The first thing he cracked open after the party!
These were some of the car creations that the kids built and raced. All and all it was a great party. Max thanked me over and over through out the day. He loved all his gifts and was so grateful his friends came to celebrate with him!

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