These are the Legos that Max built!

Max wanted a certain Lego set for his birthday that he found after Christmas. He saw that they were on sale and even offered that he would pay for them himself! Sneaky mommy watched them on clearance and swooped in when they got as low as they would go. We told him they were sold out. He was very excited to get them on his birthday! He hugged me after the party and told me that "they were the best"! It was a BIG set! Over 800 pieces. He built this almost all by himself. Only one or 2 tricky parts did daddy help. I think Brandon is part proud and part sad that he doesn't get to get in there with him. Good Job Max! His favorite pieces were all the cool guys that came with it. There were some zombie skeletons and ogres and a catapult! Very cool!

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