Confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

Confession time!

1. I wish I could play the piano. I would play every day! I once took piano and I loved it because it was around Christmas and I was rocking out a ton of Christmas music. Then I got pregnant with Max and the piano made me gag.
2. I still cry when I want a diet coke. Still can't go through a drive through and still have to pay for gas at the pump. I called Tiffany the other day hoping that she would tell me that 1 slip up is ok. She didn't. She told me to be strong! sigh.
3. I like folding clothes. I HATE PUTTING THEM AWAY!
4. I am super excited to speak in church. This is not the norm. Normally it's scary. This time I have been asked to speak the weekend that my whole family will be here for Max's baptism. We'll see how I feel about it when it gets closer.
5. I purge the dvr so often my kids and B call me the great purger. I can't handle if their isn't at least 40 plus hours of recording time. It makes me anxious.
6. I love Blue Cheese dressing.
7. I love the color yellow and orange and blue and red. I think that is the color pallet for my kitchen. It sounds gagger together but it is really amazing and bright and happy.
8. One day I will buy an over sized rocking chair from Pottery Barn. (I think it will be gingham checked. Red or Yellow or maybe it will be Plain Brown) and I will put it in my room and read my scriptures every day and drink hot chocolate in it. It will never be a clothing rack. I wish I had one now so I could rock my last baby in it before she is too big to be rocked!
9. I could hang out with my brother all day! He is tons of fun and hilarious. He makes me feel cool.
10. I hate traffic.

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Bittles said...

love this, do I still get to take your family pictures???