Grumpy Sunday

So I like to get up on Sunday and play church music and get the Sunday stuff up and running. (It sounds nice but usually ends in some Sunday yelling to be honest) Today before I was even out of bed the fighting began and worse than that the disrespect. I thought it would be the teenage years that we got sassy but apparently it is the 10 year old year. I am at a loss. I know it is all perspective but there are kids around the world who are hurt in horrific ways every day, my kids are soooooo blessed. What's a mommy to do? Advise please.... Right now it is $1 for every act of disrespect. Jobs aren't working and neither is the grounding.

SO now I will turn up the Sunday music and continue to get them all ready for church. Signing off as a deflated mommy.

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Bittles said...

Suze I feel for you!!! Things go well when I stick to the following (however I seem to forget this and end up in the same place...but it works when I do it) You start off by saying that you don't feel you have been rewarding the kids enough for their good behavior (saying that first part is key for this to work) continue with "so starting now on Sunday mornings (or whenever) each time they talk respectfully to one another or are helpful (or whatever the opposite of the aweful behavior is that you want to fix) they are going to get _______. (Around here it is an extra minute playing the computer when it is computer time.--my kids jump through hoops for that but whatever it is that your kids really enjoy would work) Hope that helps, Good luck! miss you!