R.S. Valentine Party UGLY FACES

After the R.S. Valentine Party we were cleaning up and decided to let our TRUE COLORS shine through! Me and Mary Skinner! She is hilarious and wins the prize for the ugliest faces of the night! Her Beavis and Butthead face.
Super scary. I'm not even sure.
How many chins can you make? (You have to be REALLY ok with your ugliness to post these bad boys! I mean these are U.G.L.Y.!)
Kaela Wheeler sportin some ug!
We caught DiDi laughing and I couldn't delete it because it is HILARIOUS! This is how we were all laughing this night. I just caught hers on camera and super close up!
Here is her "ugly face" and the reason she was laughing so hard in the picture above. She said she looks like she is lying down dead!
Camie Staggs.... I didn't think we were going to get her to do it but she did!
Annie Bannanie! Not to bad! I've seen uglier!
Becky Madigan. (She is Mary Skinner's sister so I thought for sure she would blow us away with some ugly! Come on Becky, that is not even close to Mary's ugly! ) She and Mary are Di's nieces and Anna's cousins. I just adore them all and tried to get myself lumped in with their family all the time.
We had soooo much! I had a picture of Amy Johnson too but she made me delete it! It was a GREAT one! She put the night together with the help of all these ladies. It was a beautiful night and all the sisters appreciated and loved it! I feel bad that I didn't get any pictures of the actual night because it was truly beautiful. All I got was a whole lot of ugly! :)

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