Stolen quote!

I stole this quote directly off of my friend, Lisa's blog! I wasn't sure if any of my friends or family blog stalked any of my friends blogs and I REALLY wanted to share this after I read it! (If you haven't stalked her beauty blog, you should! It's listed on the side under "The Juicy Tube"!) ANYWAY! This is on her blog and I fell in love with it!

I want to make a statement like this. I want to know myself well enough that I CAN make a statement. Thank you Lisa, you doll face, for having this on your blog all the time! Thank you Miss Audrey Hepburn for sharing this part of you with the world! Words to live by!

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Kimberly said...

I BELIEVE that you are my bestest of best friends.
I BELIEVE that you have the sweetest and most sincere heart on the planet (even when your in a bad mood.)
I BELIEVE you love to help make other people feel good and I love that about you.
Lastly, I BELIEVE that I will be there in exactly 23 days and that makes my heart soooo very happy! xo