Everybody everybody wants some love!

That is the title of a song on my blog. Brandon made a dance to it and when it comes on we all have to do it. It is very jumpy and you have to smile while you do it! If you get a chance to click on it you should. It is a catchy little number that will make you happy!

Some people hate Valentines Day. I used to. I used to think it was a commercial holiday that made you over eat candy, pay to much for flowers, and do things that you should be doing for each other anyway! I decided to LOVE Valentines from now on! It is a day to show everyone that you are full of love. Like a Christmas after Christmas! SO if you get a chance to tell someone you love them today, why not! DO it! In the words of that fun song I mentioned above "Everybody everybody wants some love....."

I love y'all!

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