My helper Juliet

So what do you do with a 2 year old who wants to help bake the brownies and make the Valentines dinner? You turn on the water and give her a stool and ask her to "do the dishes". She really just liked to dump the water in cups back and forth. I just put a towel under her and let her go. It got really interesting when I threw the paddle from the kitchen aide in the sink. It was covered with the brownie mixture and you should have seen her face! First you lick........
Then you rinse......
Then you lick some more. It is a very serious process!
Then I tossed the spatula in the sink! This was even better because it could kind of "hold" some water in it too!
more licking and slurping......
a little embarrassed that we have chocolate all over our face so we will just smear it onto our pink shirt!
Come on mom! I am working here!

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