Gavin's Birthday Party!

Last Saturday we had a birthday party in our back yard for one of our friends Gavin! (His mom is my friend and she did the party in our back yard!) My kids loved every second of it! This is before the party started, Juliet in a tube!Max got in to take the pictures cause my back is still out!
A BOUNCE HOUSE? IN OUR BACK YARD? I thought only the rich kids got bounce houses!!! The company came and set it up before the party and it was there until around 6 pm. Plenty of time to get in all the bouncing you could handle! I found out it was 75$ for the whole day! I thought they were like 3 or 4 hundred dollars a day! That is just cool. A BOUNCE HOUSE Y'ALL! A FLIPPIN BOUNCE HOUSE IN THE BACK YARD!
Tarynn set up a bucket of bubbles! HUGE hit! Juliet went through 2 outfits and spent most her time here. (Did she not see the BOUNCE HOUSE?)

She loves bubbles!More bubbles!
They also had a bucket with Ice chunks in it and rock salt on the ice. There are cups of colored water and little syringe sucky things that you squirt onto the ice. With the salt on the ice you can see caverns of color all through out the ice! Pretty cool! (Bounce House anyone?)

Brandon was asked to do face painting! He is pretty good at it!
This is some star wars guy. I don't know the name but Kayden seemed to be happy with it!
I have no idea....
Juliet enjoying cake!
Max got a snake on one cheek.....
and a whale on the other! (you can ask your artist dad for anything and you choose a whale? I love this kid!)
Darby asked for a hamster (like Calvin her hamster) .....
and a cat like her cat Callie. She waited the whole party. She was the oldest so she was the last! She got bored waiting and blotted herself with some green paint! (why don't you go jump in the BOUNCE HOUSE?)
What a dang fun party! I am soooo happy that Tarynn had it here! We loved celebrating with them. She mentioned we could do it again in May for her son Kayden and Dash because their b-days are 1 day apart! That means ANOTHER BOUNCE HOUSE!!!!! YES!


The Peterson's said...

We had a great time! Thanks for hosting!

Hil said...

Is Max a panda? Kung Foo Panda? :)

Hil said...

I meant Dash!

Lisa said...

So cute! They look like they were having a blast. Wow! Talk about taking your face painting to a whole new level!