Max's Birthday Party #1

Max had a Lego Party! We had tons and tons of fun! This is the night before when B and I were setting up! When you first came in you had to guess how many Legos were in the container on the cake plate. Then you found your goodie bag with your name and inside was a kit for building a car. The bowls of Legos are to add to your car kit and make a super sweet ride that we raced later in the party! These are our Lego Twinkies! They were super cute and the kids loved them. I thought they were super SICK! Frosting on top of a Twinkie with frosted Marshmellows. ugh!
Brandon with our completed projects!
More gross, I mean yummy Twinkie Lego cakes.
Candy for the goodie bags! They were jolly ranchers and Starburst because they were shaped like Legos!
The kids loved putting their cars together! They loved that they got to take them home!
After we built our cars we went outside for a Lego Scavenger hunt! Gather as many Legos as you can find and fill your goodie bag. The person that finds the Lego with a special sticker wins a prize! ON your MARK, GET set.....
Uncle Jamie and Aunt Marilynn helped Journey and Jeremy put their cars together.
Working really hard on getting our cars in racing condition!
Ready to race!
We had to have a winners circle and do double eliminations!

Darby's car vs. Kaden's car. Kaden's car won the whole competition!

We had tons of fun and the kids loved the Lego theme!

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