Turkey Bums 2012!

Yes!  I'm on Thanksgiving!  Only a few dozen more posts and I will be caught up with 2012!  
We do these happy little Turkeys every year at Thanksgiving.  It is fun to see what our kids are thankful for every year and how their "feathers" change over the years.  These are lovingly called "turkey bums" because the first year I made them they looked like a bum.  They are different every year but the name stays the same!  Turkey bums! 
Juliet's Turkey.  She needed help writing but she told me everything to write.  She was thankful for Candy, fun activities, her family, my little ponies, when daddy comes home, for making things, toys and Jesus.
Dash!  This year he wrote all his own.  (with illustrations)  Music, Jesus, Art, Movies, Piano, the Temple, family, and of course Minecraft! (the computer game....for out posterity when there is no more minecraft!)
Max!  HE was thankful for materials, food, art, videogames/minecraft, the temple, books, his comics that he draws and family.
Darby, Darby, Darby!  She amazes me!  She is Thankful for:  Akish (the scriptures....it's a family joke), Freedom, Music, minecraft (ugh), her Great grandpa (she really misses him) Josh Hutcherson (she thinks she will convert him then marry him), the Gospel and her family!
Brandon is Thankful for his Brood, Animation, the Temple, Democracy (election year), ME (his Esposa), his testimony, imagination and Technology!
I was/am thankful for My best friend Brandon, the atonement and forgiveness, Ginger-Snap and Callie-Co (our cats), My clients, (they are the best and they make my job SO much fun!), my peeps....I would be lost without my girls, laughter, and of course Diet Coke!
One of the best part of the traditions is that anyone who comes into our home we have them write a feather and put it on the wall too so by Thanksgiving we have a wall full of Thankful!

This year we went to Utah for Thanksgiving so we didn't get nearly as many feathers as we usually do. It was still pretty special though.  One of my all time favorite traditions!

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