words to live by....

I come in and see these two like this often.  She loves to hang out with her daddy.  He will play games with her on the i pad, or read with her on it or they will watch movies together on it.  So this morning when I came in they were snuggling in bed and watching some L.D.S. inspirational commercials and short movies and adds.  It was pretty sweet.  It was also pretty early in the morning and neither one of them were out of their jambes yet.  Juliet turned to Brandon and said "ugh Daddy, your breath is SO stinky!"  then she just couldn't let it go "daddy you stink SO bad I wish I didn't have a nose"!  We laughed pretty hard at that one.  Then he asked her if she wanted to watch one more.  She sighed and said "yes, but I will just have to put up with your stink!"  KIDS SAY THE CRAZIEST RUDEST FUNNIEST THINGS!!!  

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