Christmas Break 2012

This is how Christmas Break started out at our house! This cute little pancake idea came from pinterest!  Super easy!  My kids were super impressed!  
They asked if they could build a fort on the first night of Christmas break.  I HATE FORTS!  They Never ever get cleaned up unless I clean them up.  I let them build one on the first night though.  This one stayed up for about a week and they all slept in it the whole week!  They played in it all week too.  It felt great to say yes!
I love seeing them ALL together.  I don't know how much longer I will see them all together.  They are ages 4-12 here.
Here they are seeing Santa.  He is the "real" Santa!  He knew that Dash and Max had fought on the way there.  It was pretty adorable to see him call them out on it.  ;) They both looked at me with huge eyes and said "HE KNEW"!  I love Christmas and all it's magic.

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