Santa's reindeer and Johnny Depp?

Every year at Christmas time Whole Foods in front of our house has Santa and some of his Reindeer come and you can come take pictures with them.  We love this traditions.  They have fun drawings with Starbucks and Wholefoods and now TJ Maxx. 
This year we saw a Movie Star too.  He was wonderful and was willing to take pictures with lots of people.  When it was Darby's turn to get her picture his agent came in and swooped him away.  We watched for a long time because I wanted to make sure this was the "real" Johnny Depp before I took the picture and I'm pretty sure it was.  Still, you can never be to sure here in L.A.
This year Dasher and Prancer came for Christmas!  Maybe next year we will be able to get our picture with Santa and Johnny Depp!

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