New Years Eve 2012

For New Years Eve we hung 5 balloons on a wall and every hour we popped a new balloon.  In each balloon there was a new activity for us to do.  The kids LOVED it.  We had a GREAT night together!!!  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It was a very simple night with LOTS of fun and memories and it felt REALLY exciting because no one (but me) knew what was in the balloons.   We played games for an hour.   This game is a fun one and SCREAMS for a picture to be taken!
Juliet is miserable at it.  She never asks the right questions and gets mad if she is not a dancer or a cheerleader.  Still, this picture makes me really happy!

The pictures are a little out of order.  The last thing we did was build a fort and watch a movie it it.  Because daddy was involved, it got REALLY serious.  There was a pole and yarn and mattresses.  I was just thinking some blankets and chairs.  I was even willing to pull out a tent.

The kids ended up sleeping in it all night.

This was the beginning of the night.  Happy New Year!

One of the things was to have a silly photo shoot.
Something we are pretty good at!

We also played Balloon Volleyball and released Balloons into the air with our New Years wishes.   We had a great great night and spent a memorable night together.   The best kind of New Years!

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