Thanksgiving 2012 and Tepanyaki

When ever we go home to Utah we try to make it to our favorite restaurant at least once!  This time we dragged my dad....he hates it!  Tepanyaki will forever be one of our favorites!  

I swear none of them can make a straight face!  We have a LOT of fun together!

Love this picture!  I hope that they never all be too old and too cool to take sweet pictures like this!
Then we hosted Thanksgiving at my parents and Ryeley's house!  Some of my favorite people!  (Don't you love the fine china we use?   we are all about the paper products even down to the tablecloth.  Then when it's time for BINGO you just roll it all up into the paper tablecloth and most of the dishes are done!!!)
Joel and Nick!  Two more favorite people!!
And don't forget these people!  Juliet is in the traditional turkey shirt that my mom made for Darby and all my kids have worn.  She and my dad used to have one too.  I think I can only get one more year out of it.  That will be a sad day when we have to retire it.  I think I will have to  make a pillow or something out of it for my  mom!  After dinner we moved on to our traditional BINGO game with TONS of prizes.  It was a great year and we had tons of fun with our family.  BINGO is a tradition that is almost over 25 years old.  I love love love it and shop for it year round.   My kids LOVE it!

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