Juliet's birthday with Nana and Papa!

This is the gift Nana and Papa gave her for her Birthday!  She was REALLY excited!  For one thing....look at it!  Art kit galore!  For a second thing it was her first birthday gift of the year!  She was ready to start celebrating her special day!  
Juliet and Nana!
Juliet and Papa Gail!  She loves her Papa!  I love that she has her hand up on his chest.  It is like she was just making sure he was really there.  Sometimes she pats his cheek or plays with his necklace.
HORRIBLE picture of Juliet but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mom's cute smile and twinkly eyes!  Juliet LOVES her grandparents.  I think she would move in with them if we would let her!

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