The Parkers!!!

On our way home from Thanksgiving our car broke down.  I don't even remember the city we were in. Somewhere in Southern Utah.  I obviously wasn't planning on stopping anywhere long term because me and all my kids were in pajamas.  I posted on fb that we were stranded at the McDonalds waiting for my brother to come fix our car and who should walk/run in?  Our good friends the Parkers!  Jake is one of Brandon's best friends and Alison and I have been close for a long time!  We hadn't SEEN each other I think 7 years.  (Even though we talk on the phone often and follow each others blog)  It was REALLY good to see them!  Just what I needed!   I will have to tell a story about how inspiring Al was to me on this trip another day!  All I have to say is, life changing.  I am forever grateful for that little brakedown and for their mis fortune of having illness on their road trip home.  It made it so that they were a day behind on their trip!  The Lord works in mysterious ways!  
I sure wish we could all live closer!  Look at those kids!  They would have the best time together!  Thanks Al for all you do!  Can't wait to share my story and how much you helped me!  I love you to bits!

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