Christmas tree decoration 2012

Decorating our Christmas Tree!  We are almost at the point where we need a new tree.  My kids all get a new ornament every year.  One from me and one from Nana and Papa.  (So really two)  That is 8 new ornaments a year.  It is getting a little squishy but I love our tree every year.  We put it up the day after Thanksgiving.  This year we had to wait til the weekend after we got back.  I hated it!  I like to get it up right away and start enjoying it!  It kicks off the holiday season for me!  
Darby's ornaments are all snowmen, Max is Santa, Dash is Reindeer and Juliet is Penguins.  That way when they leave they will have a tree of amazing matching ornaments.  Each one of their ornaments is different but in their theme.  My tree is very eclectic but very much matchy too because of the themed ornaments.  I love it!  Another one of my favorite traditions.  Juliet introduces herself as Juliet ZuZu Penguin Jeffords.  (Because that is her ornament she thinks it is part of her name!)  Cracks me up!

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