Nickel Arcade!

For C-Doggs birthday we went to the Nickel arcade!  My kids LOVE this place and I love it because I can give them all $2.50 and they are gone for a few hours.   They love it because they feel like they have a million dollars!  
She is still only 3 here.  Just for a few more days but she is growing up so fast that I love that she is still only 3.
She and I hit a jackpot on this game and won like 250 tickets!  That was FUN!
Until she got impatient waiting for the tickets.  She was ready to go play more games!

Juliet thought she was really riding.  We didn't put any money in and she rode for a good 5 minutes!

Best buddies!
These two hit a couple jackpots too!
Amanda and Rye!  This was one of the first times we met Amanda!  We had a great time with her....little did we know that she would soon become a part of our family!
My hot date for the day!

She would spend all her money on the rides if I would let her.  It was Curt's birthday and I didn't get a single picture of him?  Lame!

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