Christmas eve crafting!

We crafted this Christmas Eve.  It was awesome. We have a couple other traditions but this year I was careful not to over schedule so that we could enjoy each other instead of me yelling at us to enjoy each other and rush around to try to get all our traditions in.  We just did a couple knock and runs and ate dinner out then came home for our crafts.  We did it all very early so that we weren't rushing to open our Christmas Eve gift and I wasn't yelling for everyone to get in bed.  It was actually a really nice night.  

We made homemade snow globes.  Mason jars with glitter and little animals in them.  I'm not sure if they will keep until next year.  I sure hope they do because they are really unique and very "country" looking.  Very homemade.  I loved them.  My kids did great!
Max made me this candle at school.  I waited til Christmas Eve to light it.  He was really proud of it.  I love the little crafts they make at school for me and some of them I save to treasure forever but this one was calling out to be used!  

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