Juliet's Birthday Party 4 yrs old!

Juliet turned 4 on Dec. 1st.  Her brothers took her breakfast in bed!  They did it all on their own.  She felt like such a big kid! 
Later that night we went to Chick Fil A for dinner and opened her gifts.  She wasn't very happy about this one.  ;)
Some My Little Pony Bubble Bath.
Hugging her sister for her gift.
Her delicious breakfast.  Cereal. a gogurt. and a glass of egg nog. (she calls it nog milk)  A little heavy on the dairy but they were so proud of themselves!
She got this little outfit for her birthday, so she dressed up for dinner.

She said "Yes!" when she opened her ponies!  It was pretty funny.  Even Brandon was excited!  HA HA HA!
we then went to see "The Legends of the Guardians"  and they had posters for the Hobbit out.  OF COURSE we had to pose with it!  

The next day she had her cake and ice cream.  She is so very easy to make happy.  She just wanted pink and and princess.  Very easy.  Look at her face.  
Happy birthday beautiful girl.  We love you so very much!!

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