Elder Wright

Sometimes you run into some special ones.  This one is/was/is a special one for us.  He was just transferred.  :( Something about him was special for us.  He had a special spirit or a calmness.  Not quite sure but we loved Elder Wright and loved having him in our home.  He had a great story as a missionary with his own personal conversion that I personally related to and maybe that is why I felt a kindred spirit with him.  He worked hard.  He was serious when he needed to be but had a great sense of humor.  He was the kind of kid you wanted to set your sister up with when he went home!  He made me want to do missionary work.  Thank you Elder Wright for being such a great example to my kids and for being such a great  missionary!  You will not be forgotten!  

In our home we have our baptism age kids take the missionary discussions with the Elders.  Both Darby and Max did it.  This way they are ready for the baptismal interview and ready for their baptism all together.  They know exactly what they are getting into.  Dash's good buddy Kaden gets to take the discussions with him.  He turned 8 the day before Dash and is getting Baptized in June.  Dash is getting Baptized in June in Utah when we go home to see family.  We are lucky he started some of his discussions with Elder Wright and Elder Stucki.  He will be finishing with another Elder though.  It is great to see these missionaries teach young kids.  The discussions take on a life of their own.  The boys are amazing and bring tears to my eyes with their answers.  They are truly ready for baptism.  Dash knows a whole lot more than I ever did at this age.  He sure makes me proud.  I am always so grateful when anyone is willing to help me teach my children the Gospel.

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