Happy happy birthday Dashel Dear!

Happy birthday Dashel!  The big 8!  He is sweet and generous with his hugs!  
 He loves loves loves animals....especially his cat Ginger Snap.
 He loves his family and extended family and his friends.  Everyone always wants to be around him because he is super funny and just fun to be around!
 Always good for a laugh!
 creative and sweet.
 again with the goofy....making me pull my hair out in the back?
 he loves to sing and dance! (gangham style at school)
 sweet boy.  Dashel keef/ Dashquanda/Darmel/Dershwan/spider monkey/bubba.
 We love you Dashel Keith!  So happy to be your momma!  I love that your birthday is on Mother's Day!  I love that I am reminded that I am a mommy because of you!

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