Words to live by from a Sassy little Lady!

Sassy little lady!  
This little lady came to me the other day and told me I had 2 choices.  I could make her a snow cone or get her some ice cream.  "those are your choices mom"  After laughing for a minute I told her that I am the mom and I am the one to give the choices (obviously....she learned it somewhere)  The next day she tried it again to no avail.  I told her I was the mommy.  She informed me that she would give daddy choices then.  So that night she told him "Dad here are your choices!  You can take me to Yogurt Land or Basket Robbins (love how she says that) or you can be grounded"  Add a little force and get what you want?  He chose to be grounded.  So she said with inflection in her voice...."From t.v.?"  He said ok.  "AAAANNNND video games?"  he said ok.  "And you have to take me for ice cream." 

She is a sassy little lady and I love her for it!  She will forever keep us laughing and on our toes!

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