Ward Christmas Party

Our ward in L.A. had a great Christmas Party! It was catered by one of the member's husband who owns a restaurant! Holy Good Food Bat Man! Bbq ranch is one of my new favorites and it is at almost all the ward functions! Santa came and all the kids got a chance to let him know what they wanted. Max was very clear this time because the first time he sat on Santa's lap he told him he wanted a ds, a playstation game, and an electric toothbrush. (Santa only brings 3 gifts to our house so you have to be particular!) This time he corrected himself and said DSI! That could have been a close one! Dash wanted a remote control car like Curtis got for his birthday, and a pink DS and a camera.
Juliet wanted off this old dude's lap!
They primary did a program and the achievement day girls sang Silent Night with bells!
I don't remember what the boys sang but it was super cute to see Max reach for the high notes!
Dash usually stands there and makes faces or tries to distract others but this time he actually sang!
We never take pictures of the 2 of us. I am getting better at taking them myself though!
She is such a daddies girl! When she is with him she pretends to be WAY bigger than she is! You can tell that she thinks she is sooooo big here!
Family photo!
If I did Christmas cards this would be our picture! (Even though Darby has total "tude" cause she wants to go play with her friends!

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hannah ramsey said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING. seriously.